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<b>Are we so called <i>FANS</i> killing our favourite music directors??</b> Are we so called FANS killing our favourite music directors??

Topic started by Jay (@ on Wed Apr 23 05:25:53 EDT 2003.
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Admin, please take part in this discussion. Its a request. Serious music lovers take part in the discussion please, others keep off. I request.

This write up is taken from a post, written by Mr. Kalidas Swaami at Rahman But, this is something which all of us at TFM have to think very seriously.

Mr. Kalidas, sorry to put up this article without your permission, I think we all have to think about this. Read On: (As written by Mr. Kalidas Swaami at Rahman

Dear Fans,

I have been observing this for a while now - most of the consistent A R Rahman fans who visit this site wait for his music to release, listen to it 1-2 times on MP3 or Real Audio and then choose not to buy it. There are thousands (may be millions) of A R Rahman fans guilty of this. Many have heard SOME OF Paarthale Paravasam, Kaadhal Virus, Udhaya and most recently, Parasuram over the Internet and criticized it openly in forums to deter a wider range of buyers. The number of music lovers searching for information online has increased dramatically, and these seemingly small negative vibrations we send each time a new Rahman album is out is definitely wrecking his business. Saathiya, which is such a fine album for 2002 was met by aggression from the Tamils in many forums. They blamed Rahman, Adnan Sami and Gulzar for ruining Saathiya (check the earlier messeges in the archive to see what I mean). While ardent A R Rahman fans will be unmoved by such narrow mindedness, the masses (who do research before buying music) will surely think twice before selecting Rahman's music over someone else. I am sorry to say, but if Rahman albums are losing the hype, then we are indirectly responsible for it. Even though the CDs may be selling at nearby stores, lots of us are satisfied to RIP OFF 128 KBPS MP3 music. I still find it hard to believe that scores like Kaadhal Virus and The Legend of Bhagat Singh had to bomb! They are timeless experiments in music, which some of us love to criticise. Sorry about the size of messege folks, but I guess Parasuram is the next one on our HIT LIST. Thanks to you whiners again...

Kalidas Swaami is the original author of the post at Rahman


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