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TFM has the Best MDs TFM has the Best MDs

Topic started by Balu (@ on Tue Dec 17 16:10:01 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Seen Enough of IR-ARR, YSR-VS-HJ threads in this forum. It really sucks to read the same
baseless, thoughtless postings repeatedly.

What we, as TFM Page users should notice is TFM has the best Music Directors when
compared to other Music Industries in India. Let me comment on pros & cons each of
them.The order is alphabetical,

ARR- A revelutionary MD who has given ever remembered albums like
Roja,ThrudaThiruda,Kaadhalan,PudhiyaMugam(to name a few) has recently been
disappointing. Rythm is his last Album with all excelent songs. After that He hasnt impressed
much Although KM had a couple of good songs(probably coz of MR).Mind u, I am not talking
of his work in other Languages. His new trick of recycling songs as in Star is frustrating for
fans like me. Hoping for better songs from him.

HJ- He has Impressed a lot with the few movies that he has done. Vaseegara being one of the
best romantic songs composed in TFM. His other albums were decent as well. The latest
LeysaLeysa is very good too. EdhoOndru and Neela Aruviye are damn good. Hoping for
more movies from him.

IR- The GodFather of TFM. He too has recently been doing less that his calibre. Though we
have hundreds of everremembered songs from him already, our expectations are high each
time his albums are released. The last album which is of IR calibre is Baaradhi. The latest
Ramana has a couple of good songs - Vennilavin Perai and vanavillai. Hoping to see the IR as
we know again.

VS- Though he has been around for a long time, he has got his break just recently. The
KaadhalVandadhum song from PoovellamUnVaasam was excellet. The latest RUN too was a
good album with all good songs. Hoping that he continues to give us more such albums.

YSR- A promising entry in to TFM. He has been giving a different sounding at the same time
melodious numbers. Has lot of talent. The proof being songs from(only from the new releases)
PooPoovai(bala), EhNenje(AM), KaadhalGaantham(MP) and other songs too from the same
albums.Havent heard PopCorn and PP yet. I can definetely count on him. Let the good work
continue. And hoping to listen to a Village Album form him.

Other MD are not worth mentioning.

Though the top performers are not doing up to the expectations now, we certainly have the
best of MDs with us in TFM.

Open to Comments.



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