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Drinks in Tamil Songs \_/

Drinks in Tamil Songs \_/

Topic started by Murphy (@ on Thu Nov 16 12:35:04 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi Buddies,
Some songs will give kick, there are many songs about kick. The real tamil kudi mahankal
will really enjoy the lyrics of those songs.

Here some of that,
'Oru kopaiyele En Kudi Irupu
Oru Kola Mayil En Thunai'

'Sorkam Madhuvile Sokkum Alakile
Mathu Tharum sukam sukam'

'Egai Kiku Erruthe
Unmai Ellam Solla Thonuthe'

Come on guys with some more Wines sorry Songs


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