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Tamil music today : Ilayaraja's marked absence

Tamil music today : Ilayaraja's marked absence

Topic started by ramesh rajagopalan (@ on Mon Aug 28 13:40:53 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I'd like to divide this query into 2 parts .

Tamil Music today :
Music in today's Tamil movies has been largely reduced to cacophony.Most songs ,in an attempt for fast paced music , are neither hummable nor melodious.Copying has become shamelessly rampant.
Devaa,raajkumar,vidyasaagar etc .wallowing at the bottom of the barrel are sorry excuses for music directors .For every good song these guys compose ...they compose / copy ten cacophonies. Songs copied from Titanic to Daler Mehndi make a person ( used to the melodies of Raaja and MSV . KVM sick to the heart ).
ARR is a source of relief . His scores are decent (though some have been copied ). His plagiarization is not as rampant as the others .
His scores especially for MR & Shankar really stand out .

Ilayaraja Sorely missed :
In such a sceanrio , the Maestro is sorely missed.I'd like to know why he composes music for so few movies these days.In a way it is good that he will not be overworked and maybe he can go on to compose some symphonies and instrumental albums.However my main query is why has IR's music scores in movies decreased ?Some of the top commercial hits these days have pathetic music and IR's movies inspite of having excellent songs are not making it big ...please comment

Does the audience really like such mediocre music ?? What ills plague the Tamil film music of today ? Guys please express ur self


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