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Rereleasing Ilaiyaraaja's Albums! Rereleasing Ilaiyaraaja's Albums!

Topic started by Chandrashekar (@ on Sun Feb 22 05:23:53 EST 2004.
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Hi! this will be a great news for all Maestro Ilaiyaraaja's fans and Music lovers! Maestro's most of the rare gems are going to be rereleased in the CD form[Few of them include even the BGM's].

One of the Maestro's Diehard fan Mr Prashanth Rao from Bangalore is behind this commendable job![he has 700+ of maestro's collections in original].

During the early days though there were lot's of gems from maestro, it didn't reach the wider audience since they were either in the form of Record plates or cassetes and affordability to those were limited to lesser audience, now that's not the case[Thanks to the technology].

Now to reachout the wider audience and make it accessible to everyone he has taken the pain of contacting the companies holding the copyright of most of the albums which are either rare or unavailable and rereleasing the same in CD form after remastering it digitally.

The first set is going to roll down soon.
Since all releases are based on order quantity I request all Maestro's fans & Music lovers to support this noble effort by placing order for maestro's original works which will encourage and pave way to unearth most of his GEMS !
For more details of the project please visit the website mentioned below.


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