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English songs in TFM... English songs in TFM...

Topic started by Vishvesh (@ on Sat Dec 22 18:39:56 EST 2001.
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I was listening one of my old song collections today and there was one song from Usha Udhup (or Aiyer or whatever). I have listened to a few of her regular western albums. She is a good singer (I still hum her “listen to the falling rain” and the “white winged dove”) but in this song she was literally engaged in the worst kind of cacophony that I have heard in TFM. I also remember a few other English songs she sang in tamil movies. I don’t think well about any English song that appeared in Tamil films. Our music directors have used popular western music frequently and they have been good only when it was in flashes, but when it came to a full fledged song, I feel that they blundered so much that it was a disgrace to their musical talents. Even Ilayaraja did one song in a Bharathiraja movie, if I remember it right, and I felt it belonged to the same category of songs composed in a very bad taste. It could be my personal inability to respond to such English songs, but I am sure that one would agree with me that there is something gone wrong with these songs and that one would have expected something much better from those music directors who seem to have had a very good sense of popular western music. Or is it that these music directors had only a partial grasp of popular western music to have petered out so bad in such songs ? Any comments, welcome…


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