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Mukkal munagal songs- who's the King? Mukkal munagal songs- who's the King?

Topic started by Nazir (@ on Sun Sep 1 21:58:09 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Mukkal munagal the erotic song genre, introduced in early 80s flourished till early 90s(Lately very rarely showing its head like 'kattipudidaa').

can we list songs of this kind and and see which MD is the king in this genre?

To start with

nethu raathiri hamma - SKV-IR
nilaa kaiyudhu neram nalla neram(the queen of all mukkal munagal songs) songs which you can never listen in the presence of elders-SKV -IR
ponmeni urugudhe - mUndram pirai -IR
thottupaaru kuthamille- thazhuvadha kaigaL-IR
sorgam madhuvile - sattam en kaiyil-IR
adukku mallige - thanga magan-IR
aasai uchathile - january 1 -IR
nalla isaithattu - marudhupandi-IR
adiyey manam nillunaa - neengal kettavai-IR
ammamma dhegam sudugiradhe - ???? - IR
raakozhi - mavaraasan-IR
kanne thorakkanum saami - Mundhanai mudichu-IR
vaa vaa saami - chinna veedu -IR
jaamam aagi pochu-chinna veedu -IR
poo potta dhaavani - kakki sattai -IR
siva raathiri - MMKR-IR
lady doctor - thalattu kekudhama- IR

and many many more. Please add to the list.
(Even movies like 'Sri Raghavendrar' had a mukkal munagal song like 'unakkum enakkum aarambam').
Let us see which MD contributed more to this society benefetting, eye opening genre.


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