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<b>Correct Artist Correct Voice OR Correct Charecter Correct Voice</b> Correct Artist Correct Voice OR Correct Charecter Correct Voice

Topic started by Jay (@ on Tue Apr 15 01:59:41 EDT 2003.
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It has been from time immorial since playback singing began, we the audience have a small mind set on our favourite actors and actresses. We fell that only so and so singer will suit our favourite actor/actress. But, is this the way music directors and directors select the singers to sing? On what aspect the voice should be selected?

1) The Hero/Heroine's on-screen image.
2) The charecter portrayed by the artists.
3) Favourism
4) The most popular voice in the recent pasts.
5) Or...just about any one.

I feel that the voice must match the charecter portrayed by the artist. Only then we can digest the song in our heart. For eg: Remember that song in A R Rahman's Jodi? Yennai Kollai ittu.. sung by Sirgazhi Sivachidambaram. The original composition of that song for the Hindi film, Doli Sajake Rakhna, was sung by Sukhwinder Singh. So, probably, they thought Sukhwinder Singh cannot do justice in Tamil, so opted for a sequel voice of Sirgazhi Sivachidambaram. But, that voice did not suit Prashanth at all. And also remember that song from Alaipayuthey, Kadhal Sadugudu.. It appeared while seeing the song in screen that S P B Charan was born to sing that song for Madhavan. Even that song, Sakkarai Nilave.. suited Vijay and also the charecter portrayed by Vijay in the film Youth. But in that same film, Youth, there is a song called, Old Madalu.. by Thipu, where a line comes, Solvadhu ungal nanban Vijay... What is Vijay's name in that film--it is not Vijay. So, why add that line in that song?

According to my calculation, the following singers suit these artists well. For heroines there is no choice. Any female singer's voice suits any actress.

Vijay - Thippu, Harish Raghavendra, Mano, Shankar Mahadevan
Ajith- SPB, Unnikrishnan, Devan
Madhavan - Harish Raghavendra, Karthik, Thippu, Charan, Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, Sreenivas, Udit Narayan
Prashanth - Devan, Harish Raghavendra, Mano, Unnikrishnan
Shaam - Karthik, KK, Harish Raghavendra
Srikanth - Any new young voice is ok for him I guess
Rajinikanth - SPB, SPB and ONLY SPB
Kamal Hassan - Kamal Hassan, SPB, Mano, Unni Menon
Arjun - SPB, Unni Menon

Friends, this is what I feel, come out with your feelings. But dont you guys think that for actresses there is no such limitation.


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