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Pls suggest a Good Keyboard/Synthesizer Pls suggest a Good Keyboard/Synthesizer

Topic started by Jana (@ on Mon Aug 13 18:13:56 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am looking for a Synthesizer-cum-keyboard with which I can reproduce IR-styled appregiation of vibes & bells, while I can play the modern ARR/HJ type of new sound. I have recently bought the Korg Karma, but I am not satisfied with its sound, especially the choir,strings and piano. With Korg, I could create lots of techno music, but not the sounds I am looking for. In fact, Yamaha's PSR-540 sounds much better in terms of richness of the sound.

I know some of the TFMers are good keyboard players and music composers and I am sure they would have bought some good keyboard. Please give me your suggestions.


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