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SPB's Devotional Songs SPB's Devotional Songs

Topic started by purv (@ on Mon Sep 15 20:51:23 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi. I would like to step out of the arena of film music, and discuss private devotional albums of one of the greatest TFM singers.

I don't know who or what inspired me to sample Mr. Balasubramaniam's album 'Sivamalai.' But it was truly GOD's grace that I got to do so-- I all but regret hearing the masterpieces. All 6 songs were sung by SPB himself.

1.) Om Namo Nama (raagam Malayamaarutham)
2.) Malai Varum Seyya Vaarunga (raagam Chakravagam)
3.) Annaamalai Unnai (raagam Sudhasaveri)
4.) Dheepa Darisanam (raagam Hamsanandhi)
5.) Analaana Dhegam Kondu (raagam Charukesi)
6.) Unnaal Mulayaale Thaaye (raagam Kalyani)

I feel tears brimming in my eyes at the mere thought of the last number. Nos. 1 and 4 are so melodious, I can't help but rewind and rewind.

Since I liked 'Sivamalai' so much, I decided to sample SPB's album on Lord Vinaayagar. Wow!!! What a ride!! Four FABULOUS songs based on the raagams Chandrakouns, Revathi, Hamsadhwani, and Rasikaranjani (though I must forewarn you guys that one of them sounds like a 90s Ilayaraja number).

Comments? Complaints? Compliments?
(okay, I think I'm going overboard, sorry.)


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