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<b>In sync with Sivamani’s rhythm</b> In sync with Sivamani’s rhythm

Topic started by pot (@ on Tue Jan 27 02:49:06 EST 2004.
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In sync with Sivamani’s rhythm

After releasing the album Drums Of Fire with the UK’s most popular fusion musician James Asher, percussion pundit Anandan Sivamani is ready to give playback music a shot in friend Pankaj Advani’s Cape Karma.

Says Sivamani, son of well-known drummer SM Anandan: “The film’s theme fascinated me. It deals with two aspects of human nature – the wild and the soft. But with my hectic tour schedule, it’s getting impossible to balance out Bollywood.”

Mumbai-based Sivamani, who performed at the ongoing HT City Youth Nexus 2004, began playing the drums at the age of seven and says Kodambakkam in Chennai (where all the film studios are located) was his learning ground. “The first instrument I played was the violin. Those days my father wouldn’t allow me to touch his drums. I got angry and one day started playing on the pots and pans in the kitchen,” recalls Sivamani.

When he was 11, Sivamani joined KV Madhavan’s group, where his father used to play, after the latter’s accident. “It was the happiest moment of my life to be declared as good as my father,” he says.

Sivamani’s percussion involves tablas, ring drums, bongos, cymbals, gongs, dhols, even buckets. He has worked with AR Rehman and Anu Malik, though he rues never getting a chance to work with RD Burman. “There’ll never be anybody who understands rhythm as well as Panchamda,” he concludes.

-Hinudstan Times


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