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Temporary downfall of IR.... why.?

Temporary downfall of IR.... why.?

Topic started by commentOnThis (@ on Tue Jun 16 13:35:57 EDT 1998.
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What was the reason for the temporary downfall of raja between '94 and '97 . Is it because of the ego he had during that period that won him a lot of enemies or was it because of the deterioration of his songs...?

I believe part of the reason was because of gaining enemies and not many of them signed him.
Also, his songs were not that good during that period. But I wont blame him for that entirely. It's also because of the not-so-good directors who signed him during that time. I've seen that raja's compositions are spectacular if he works with the good dirrector. He wants some amount of involvment from the director's side, explaining the situation, scenario etc. for exmaple. raja does a great job on all kamal's movies..
what do you guys think....??


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