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Has ARR not copied Narumugaiyae from Thanga magan inru

Has ARR not copied Narumugaiyae from Thanga magan inru

Topic started by G.Suresh (@ on Fri Apr 3 13:01:41 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Once again I reinstate this query , The simple reaon is we always blame and ignore MDs like Deva,Vidyasaagar as they carry an image of outfight copiers , We (Atlese majority of us) tend to take away the credits even if they come out with some geniune stuff.Is it not true this time with ARR, atlease I feel narumugaiyae as lot of similarities with 'Thanga Magan inru singa nadai'
from Baashaa. Recently I am also finding, I am not sure however that 'Enakke enakke' song from Jeans resembles 'Hawala' song of VidyaSaagar from 'Subaash', I would like to get the response from our world wide TFM audience , Thanks Sathya for your response


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