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<i>Rahman's <b> Jana Gana Mana </b> - an individual album</i> Rahman's Jana Gana Mana - an individual album

Topic started by a (@ on Mon Jul 12 00:29:07 EDT 2004.
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Another good news for ARR fans. ARR'S "Jana Gana Mana" music album is slated for release on Aug 15. It was initially supposed to be two versions of JGM song from AE (one the original and other- a full version by Karthik), together with the single he released with Abdul Kalam. But now it is said that it would be an album like any other. Comprising of 3 new songs composed by A R Rahman just for this album and Pravin Mani's edited Jana Gana Mana by Karthik. It is also supposed to have some songs ARR composed for Boys - and were not used. Anarkali went into KKS but actually was composed for Boys.

Songs to expect:
- Jana Gana Mana Music Beat (named Yuva Beat)
- Tauba Tauba /vm
- Baba rap
- Manam virumbuthe (boys bit)
- etc.

Current Status: Not started yet.


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