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Would viswanathan-ramamurthy have shined in hindi film music? Would viswanathan-ramamurthy have shined in hindi film music?

Topic started by rs (@ on Mon May 6 10:30:31 EDT 2002.
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The golden era of tfm must be the period when viswanathan-ramamurthy reigned supreme in the 1960's. Their songs have become immortal classics! Would they have shined in hindi film music, considering that they used a lot of hindustani ragas in their tamil film music? Just go to this website for a glowing commentary on their 1956 hindi film, Naya Aadmi:

Even though the songs in this film were well received, somehow they did not get any more opportunities in hindi films after this film. Would they have posed a formidable challenge to shankar-jaikishan in hindi films?
What do tfm surfers think?


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