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Fusion songs of IR which has Unique Identity

Fusion songs of IR which has Unique Identity

Topic started by Rajan (@ on Wed Jun 6 03:00:51 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Though IR has composed wide variety of songs, certain songs has a very unique arrangement of instruments like one in
“Maapilaiku Maaman Manasu” from Netrikan and
“Poo Malarnthida” fron Tic Tic Tic and
“Naan Mayangukiren Isaiyile” from Guru(tamil).
All these songs more sounds like a kind of fusion(mix of carnatic with other forms of music). I don’t know much about Music, only I am a good listener. Can anyone help me to list out the songs which falls in this cadre(not pure carnatic but songs with a mix of carnatic and other forms of music but base arrangeamant remains as carnatic)???



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