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Pudhumaiaana PaadaLgAL

Pudhumaiaana PaadaLgAL

Topic started by Gokul (@ on Sat Mar 21 20:36:45 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am not sure if this thread has been attempted
before: If so , Ravi..Knock this off!

Many pioneers in TFM have innovated in a variety
of ways to make TFM absolutely Great.

The Keyword here is UNIQUENESS!

I would love to identify songs that are truly unique.

Uniqueness could be in

--Construct of Music (Style,Instruments etc)

As my knowledge of MDs other than IR is very limited , I request Kanchana,SK,Gopal,RajaRam,
Ramki & others to pitch in for TFM prior to IR.

My Examples for Unique Songs:

1. maNNil Indha Kaadhal - Keladi kaNmanNi
-- For SPB's Singing

2. KalaivaaNiye - Sindhu Bhairavi
-- For the musical construct

Now.. Over to you folks..


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