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Topic started by Tomorow Never Dies (@ on Tue Dec 7 15:49:44 EST 2004.
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There are rumors going on these days that rajani has droped Jagubai and plaing on doing Destination Tamil for his next venture.In Destination Tamil, rajini playing the roll of an avatar of the son of superme god whos task was to change the law and order of human world. He is born to a very poor family in the village of Mahaavatar. At the age of 21 he senses taht he isn't a normal human being by his supernatural powers. He recives a message from near future that the future world is in great danger. so he enters the future world and fight all the villan. and when he returns to present day. the world wasn't like it used to be. Human like artifical intelligents are having their war. Rajini is so confued and very angry his race has ditreiated. then his father appears infront of him and tell him that he was sent to earth protect human species from artificial intelligence and he is disappoint with him. Then Rajani makes a plan to retore peace on earth. He travels back in time to fix the past........and the story is still in discussion. this is an action movie which is going to made in Tamil and English. There are alot styles and punch lines in this movie which includes.."Who am I?. I am real???"....."God, Help ME I See NO HUMAN, I SEE ALL ARTIFICIAL INTELLINGE"..."Tamil IS MY DESTINATION",,and many more...PREDICTION SAYS TAHT DESTINATION TAMIL IS GOING BE THE MOST GROSD MOVIE MAN HAVE EVER MADE. HOPE IT WIL A GRAND SUCCES..LETS ALL PRAY HE DOESN'T DROP THIS MOVIE TOOO...


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