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Ajith's CITIZEN - Opinions on the movie

Ajith's CITIZEN - Opinions on the movie

Topic started by Maran Subramaniam (@ on Wed Jun 13 00:19:36 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

CITIZEN, some said was an overall disappointing effort despite being heavily publicized as a landmark effort by the versatile actor wannabe.

Naghma's role was corny (a CBI Offiver who wears SAREE and slids a gun by her hips), Vasunthra Dass - improving while Meena plays a short but significant role.

The storyline seems to be lifted from here and there (namely Gentleman in the climax, Indian, and a bit of Muthalvan, The Matrix, Mission Impossibble, Blade, Rambo and Amistad).

Songs by Deva as usual has been copied from others (to be noted, a classic English number Oh Carol! and LLLLies by Diana King as interludes)

Ajith doesn't really play 9 roles like what we were expecting (as Shivaji did in NAVARATHRI) instead he wears masks and disguises himselves in order to achieve his purpose (a la Mission Impossibble)

Ajith's acting in the second half (during the flashback sequence) was both irritating and good (in the sense that he shouts too much - both in the courtroom and in the Subramani's character) We can definetely see the making of a fine actor here with rooms for improvements.

Some of the special effects were downright SILLY (Ajith doing multiple summersaults in the jungle while facing a troop of army men, defying all laws of gravity, and practically walks up the walls and flies in his FANGED AJITH get up in the middle of the movie)

Surely, when discussing a serious and bone chilling subject as CITIZEN does, there should be a more serious and dramatic approach instead of making it look childish and silly. The movie was practically taken in SHANKAR's style but lacks the director's professional touch.

What does the other Tamil film fans think?


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