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Do we need to keep listening to a song to like it ?-I Have A Problem Here Do we need to keep listening to a song to like it ?-I Have A Problem Here

Topic started by no jalra (@ on Thu Nov 29 06:10:57 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Recently i bought two tamil film music albums.
Usually u like the songs immediatly or in one or two listenings.


As A.R.Rahmans fans would say that u should keep on listening and u wil begin to like the songs and understand the musical intricasies in it.i have also felt the same for many music albums.


I tried all these methods with those albums i bought.I listened it in the morning. I listened it in the afternoon. I listened it in the evening.I listened it in the night.I almost lived with them. but still i could not get them inside my mind or heart.

The question is what u do with these kind of albums?

The unfortunate albums are..


If anyone want those album i will gladly send it free of cost.
I feel this is the only way out.But anybody willing to bear the toture?
kindly let me know.


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