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WOWww!!22 singers has sung a songs in 'isaithakapathi RAVIN's KATRU album. WOWww!!22 singers has sung a songs in 'isaithakapathi RAVIN's KATRU album.

Topic started by TamilFanz (@ on Thu Mar 6 00:20:53 EST 2003.
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any one know about isaithalapthi ravin.he has born in Srilanka but he s living India now.His recent album has made World record,beacause 22 best singers has sung songs in his KATRU album.Wow it is unbelievable.
list of singers: SPB,Unnikrishnan,Mano,Unnimenon,Srinivaas,Krishnaraj,Sriram,Tippu,SPB Saran,Yukendran.ranjith also Janaki,Harini,Sujatha,Swarnalatha,Anubama,Bobi,Srivathani,etc.
this album has also got award of Rubawakini best of 30 new songs.

His Email-


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