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Thaalam of Tamil songs Thaalam of Tamil songs

Topic started by Drizaii (@ on Fri May 16 16:03:27 EDT 2003.
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Guys and Gals,

I was listening to some recent songs in the car and one of them had a different beat, which prompted me to think of songs that follow different 'Thaalam's. As we know majority of them follow 'aadhi thaalam' (a.k.a. chathusra thiripida). The few that come to my mind with different beats are:

Rubaka Thalam/Thisra beat(tha-ki-ta,tha-ki-ta..):
- Aananda raagam
- Poo maalai vaangi vanthaan
- i can come with a list if i try more.

Kanda (tha-ka tha-ki-ta, tha-ka tha-ki-ta, ..):
- azhagu malar aada
- ????

- Meendum meendum vaa
- Engirundhu vandhaayadaa (recent song).

- ????????

Any of you can list out songs from other thaalams, especially, Kanda, Misra and Sangeerna?



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