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Oh.. My.. GOD! This IS my Chennai Dreams! Oh.. My.. GOD! This IS my Chennai Dreams!

Topic started by magix (@ on Sat Jul 13 11:15:34 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Guess what... I HAD COFFEE W/ A.R.RAHMAN!!!!!!!!

Remember i'd mentioned about not meetin ARR? Well.. I jus did!
And it was mostly thanx to my friend (i think he'll be posting shortly here!)!!!
He'd got (arguably) the 1st BD cd in Chennai... There was a letter that allowed us to meet ARR.. The drawback.. just 1 admittance per letter! We begged and pleaded w/ the music world guys... and they said OK!! (I was given a letter by the golden hearted manager!)

Once we were there (that was the 1st time i saw Spencer's!) we were told ARR wud arrive @ 5:30. Around ten mins b4 ARR arrived.. There was an announcement that ppl w/ letters that said "Tea party w/ ARR" shud assemble near the counter.. My friend's cousin (who'd also bought the CD round that time) got that letter! Jackpot.. We tagged along! There was a bit of confusion.. But the boss said "What the hell, let them in!" I guess we had "ARR zindabad" all over our face! And then THE MOMENT arrived.. ARR came.. in Black denims, in his usual style.. 1 hand in pocket, a slight tilt and a brisk walk.. We were ushered into the room.

We were prepared almost like a spy! Camera in hand.. a recorder in the pocket(!!)..
And then ARR made us sit on the same seat he sat in (1 by 1 of course!).. gave his autograph.. but talked only if we did.. But i was 2 2 awestruck to even open my mouth! To quote Sidhu.. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat!!Snaps were taken w/ ARR. We had coffee and some snax, and then left to Music world.

ARR was taken seperately, and we were supposed to be escorted to Music world where "meet ARR" took place.. we got lost and we made our way back to music world..
There the shutter was half down not to let ne1 in.. (the folx w/ the letter were already in). We went there just in time and the police let us thru the half shutters! We entered and.. CLICK CLICK... cameras started clicking! They mistook us for ARR! (the sudden entry i guess!) :)

And there ARR patiently signed Autographs to around 100 ppl in there! And i got my second autograph!
We took around 14 snaps of ARR!! cant wait to c them!

And there's especially 1 person i wanna thank. MIF!!
hadnt it been for him, i wudnt have even been determined to see him! Thanx a million pal!
(sincere gratitude and i swear i dont mean to kallapify vaiyatherichal in neway!)


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