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Kannadhaasan Vs. Vairamuthu TFM Symposium Topic 5: Nagaichchuvai Paadalgal

Kannadhaasan Vs. Vairamuthu TFM Symposium Topic 5: Nagaichchuvai Paadalgal

Topic started by Udhaya (@ on Mon Aug 3 20:53:03 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

For a good understanding of how to approach this ongoing symposium, please refer to the thread, "Kannadhaasan Vs. Vairamuthu TFM Symposium Topic 1:Iyarkai Varnanai" before you post. Let me reiterate that this is not a patti mandram, but
a research symposium.
Please show TFM examples of both poets with regards to just their Nagaichchuvai Paadalgal for this thread. Please provide the name of the song whose lines you excerpt and the name of the movie if known. Here are the symposium categories, the bold topics are yet to be discussed:
1)Iyarkai Varnanai
2)Kaadhal Paadalgal
3)Thaththuva Paadalgal
4)Vaarthai Prayoagam
5)Nagaichchuvai Paadalgal
6)Samudhaaya Seerthirutha / Puratchi Paadalgal
7)Vingyaana/Naveena Karuthoottum Paadalgal
8)Ilakkiya Moolam Ulla Paadalgal
9)Kadhaikku Porundhiya Paadalgal(situational songs)
10)Kavidhai Milekarkal (Poetic Milestones that the poets will be remembered by!)


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