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Are they really "Male" singers?? Are they really "Male" singers??

Topic started by Viswamithra (@ on Thu May 22 07:08:44 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Once Ilayaraja came out with a statement that if there is a male voice in the cine industry it is TMS only. But nowdays I feel pity of the sings we have ... All singing in nasal voice & false voice.

Unnikrishnan leads the race with 90% femine voice
Harish Ragavendra is almost near him.
Hariharan is ok.. but still he is some what near 30 - 40%
Hope this trend was set by PBS with his semi male voice which was called as the best voice of those times.

UnniMenon Jayachandran looks good.. but still a bad xerox copy of KJY.

who is the real male singer as of now?

I wonder I have no answer.


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