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Lets learn to appreciate

Lets learn to appreciate

Topic started by Johndo (psuedo name ofcourse) (@ on Sat Feb 13 15:33:46 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I have been a silent observer of this discussion forum for a long time now. I have to commend all the enthusiasm I see here. But I am sick and tired of fans accusing each other's idols of plagiarism and lack of creativity. I think it will be far more constructive if some of that negative energy can be channeled in to, appreciation of what we have. I can understand each individual's choice in music, but discrediting each other's taste is hypocritical. I apologize for the severity of my language, but I think this is the best way I an communicate my feelings. Both IR and Rahman are talented in their own rights, lets not make of ourselves in taking this discussions any further. What do u say..... guys, for the sake of music and especially for the sake of Indian music on the world stage. We have to say to ourselves that "Indian music stands amongst the best in the world, and people like IR and Rahman are the conduits in spreading the word."


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