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1/2 trouser Ramarajan... 1/2 trouser Ramarajan...

Topic started by Evolution Vii (@ on Tue Mar 11 03:55:27 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

No doubt our beloved 1/2 trouser was a pain 2 watch but his movie soundtracks were outstanding till this equivalent to mike pugal mohan who ruled the 80's...but ramarajan ruled the 90's..

from his 1st movie enga ooru pattukaran to his last hit karagattakaran, the music was excellent...any comments...

my favourites were...

enga oru pattukaran,
rasavey unnai nambi,
ooru vittu ooru vanthu,
karagattakan which ran for more than year..
ennai vittu pogathey,
raja rajathan,
enga ooru kavalkaran & puthu pattu..


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