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Urgent MP3 Request... Urgent MP3 Request...

Topic started by Pras (@ on Fri Dec 20 17:41:41 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi... I would like someone to upload me the mp3s of these three songs. I need them urgently for a video. One of the songs is from "Devaragam" and I am not sure about the title of the song but its the song where Sri Devi is carrying a deepam and dancing. The next request is "Time" songs, all of them would be fine but I am specifically looking for 'Ninaichipadhi'. And one more, I am not sure about the title of this movie but the song goes like this "Kudumpam Oru Kovil, Anai Oru..." and it stars Shivaji and Murali. Can anyone upload these three songs somewhere. I need them badly.


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