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s.janaki vs asha bhonsle

s.janaki vs asha bhonsle

Topic started by rasikan (@ on Thu Sep 28 01:47:31 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

this is an argument that has been going on for some time. who is more versatile?
asha is a great singer. but when it comes to singing a wide range, s.janaki is the queen.
both singers sing the classical songs well, but it is only when it comes to other variety that versatileness is noticed.
asha is supposed to be the best in cabaret numbers, but i differ.
she cannot come anywhere near SJ in this area.
my proof :
the humming and moaning in ponmeni urugudhe that conveys the frustration of silk smitha.

the y kind of singing in nila kayudhu.

the sensual touch in idhu oru nila kaalam.

and last but not the least

her interaction with SPB in the middle portionof that brilliant number from kakki chattai
poo potta thavani.

where is asha?



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