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Are the Actors these days JELOUS of SUPER STAR RAJINI???? Are the Actors these days JELOUS of SUPER STAR RAJINI????

Topic started by ĎĴ♪Pŗĭŷń (@ on Tue Dec 7 18:44:51 EST 2004.
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It well known Rajini and Kamal are deadlest enimies in tamil cinema industry. becuase rajani used to be villan and play comedy scences in Kamal movies in the olden days. Now Rajini is the One and Only Tamil Super Star and Kamal Cant digest this HARD FACT. KAMAL PLZ GET OVER IT..MOVE ON WITH U R LIFE PLZ..FOR GOD SAKE...He is so jelous he want to ruin rajanis career by interferrin in rajinis life. On the otherhand Vijayjakanth, Vijay and Ajith are pure coppy catters of Rajini. They all copy rajinis styles in their movies to become more famous and reach people hearts. But I duno if they ever realise that they are making fool of themself AND PRODUCERS GO BANKTRUPT by copying Super Star. And they can never reach more fans than rajini in Tamil Cinima. Y DON U GUYS DO THINGS YOU ARE GOOD AT. Y U COPING RAJINI'S STYLES..ITS ALREDY DONE. NO ONE WANT SO SEE THE SAME THING AGAIN. And there are many unknown creatures who are working their asss off to tear down Super Star for years but all ended UP with FAILURES. THERE IS ONLY ONE SUPER STAR IN TAMIL CINEMA AND ITS RAJINI. ANYONE WHO WOULD REPLACE HIS POSISTION IS IF RAJINI TAKES THE SAME AVATAR AGAIN AND REPLACE HIS POSITION. RAJINI IS THE BACK BONE OF THE TAMIL CINIMA. IF HE DOESN'T ACT NO MORE IMAGINE HOW BORING TAMIL CINIMA WOULD LOOK LIKE.. THERE WOULD BE NO EXPECTATION,SUSPENCE OR ENTHUSIASTIC FANS IN TAMIL CINIMA. ALL I WANTED TO SAY IS THAT TAHE ACTORS THESE DAYS WANT TO COPY RAJIIS STYLES AND BECOME MORE FAMOUS BUT THEY ARE RELLY LOSING THERE FANS. THIS IS MY ALL MY OPININON. I KNOW MOST OF YOU GUYS HAVE DIFFERENT OPINION FEEL FREE TO POST IT HERE..THANK YOU


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