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Of Kings, Tamil Culture and Music Of Kings, Tamil Culture and Music

Topic started by ArtVandley (@ on Sat Jan 18 13:00:14 EST 2003.
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Some of the best tamil movies which we even relish today are Karnan, Tiruvillaiyadal and Katta bomman. Notice that they are well-made movies, educate us abt our history and are no-doubt wholesome entertainment. Lastly, but most importantly they are amazing music albums..every song is a gem.

They rarely tried to ape the west...but still turned out to be master-pieces. In the last twenty years there is not one movie or music album which can compete with these movies.

Instead of every director focussing on making the "same old platonic love stories..and pathetic comedies" they should turn to our history and make movies(and music) for solid entertainment.

I think directors have the responsibility to teach the masses the importance of our history..our rich music heritage...instead of just trying to make corrupting the common man. Make 3 movies for profit..Make 1 for the satisfaction that u gave back to the community.

Any thoughts?


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