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ARR, IR, Bavatharani, Ranjith Barot ...

ARR, IR, Bavatharani, Ranjith Barot ...

Topic started by junior (@ on Mon Aug 31 07:15:18 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Is there something in common between these four? Well yes! Remember Vande Mataram? No. not the original one, the one ARR did for Sony music, IR did for Kalapani, Bav. Did for her Independence day release Album, and Ranjith Barot's second version of Vande Mataram!
The query is who has the best version of VM in terms of:
1. Music
2. Which has made more impact on people( not the lyrics but the music)

Don't consider how the lyrics rouses patritism but do consider how the song itself makes you patriotic!


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