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comparing the same songs in different languages comparing the same songs in different languages

Topic started by Sandiren Reddi (@ on Thu May 22 12:14:15 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi people, i was wondering how much singers influence one's liking of a song.

for example i was listening to the song sundari from dalapathi in both tamil and telugu, and i have to say that just because chitra sings the telugu one, it appeals to me more. (nothing against s.janaki btw)

in parthale paravasam, the song azhage sugama is sung by srinivas and s.sargam while the telugu version (cheliya kushalama) is sung by spb and s.sargam. I can't really decide on this one, i guess die hard fans of spb would find spb better. But i think i'll stick with srinivas on this one.

in roja, the telugu and hindi version of pudhu vellai mazhai has spb instead of unnimenon, and that makes it slightly more appealing to me. (the hindi also has chitra instead of sujatha)

IN kannathil muthamittal, the title song by jayachandran has spb in the telugu version, here i can say that i definitely prefer the tamil version.

finally in aalavandhan, un azhagukku has spb instead of shankar in telugu, i guess shankar should have used spb in tamil as well :-)

anyone has the same or opposing views?


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