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Is "Dhandhana Dhandhana Thai Maasam" the best composition of Vidyasagar ? Is "Dhandhana Dhandhana Thai Maasam" the best composition of Vidyasagar ?

Topic started by kumarr (@ on Fri Nov 19 11:16:18 EST 2004.
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Dear Friends,

Vidyasagar is known for his melodies. He is one person, who is still sticking to the formula of composing atleast one melody for almost every film.

Few of his melodies are

1. Malare Mounamaa by SPB and SJ
2. "Idhu Poothirukkum Vanamae" by Hariharan and Uma Ramanan and from a film jointly featuring Mamooty and Arvindsamy
3. "Udayaadha Vennilaa..." from "Priyam" (Hariharan and KSC)
4. "Nee Kaatru Naan Maram Enna Sonnaalum Thalayaattuvaen..." (Hariharan & KSC)
5. "Anbae Anbae Nee En Pillai..." (Hariharan & KSC)
6. "Sindhaamani Sindhaamani Sempoovin Thaal Thira Nee..." from the film "Aaha Enna Porutham" (Hariharan & SJ)
7. "Thaamara Poovukkum Thanikkum Enikkum Sandayae Vandhadhilla..." from "Pasumpon"

and there is one very good song from "Subaash" featuring Arjun and Revathi and rendered by SPB and SJ, a melody attempted to reproduce "Malare Mounamaa".

I am not able to recollect the name of that song (Title of the song)

Friends, can you help me out ?

In "Subaash", you also have the "O Salomaa Salo Ae Salomaa Salo..." featuring Silk Smitha and again an attempt to reproduce "Ae Shabba Ae Shabbaa" in "Karnaa"

Even after hearing to all the above melodies of his, my heart and soul are with this particular song of his, which is

"Dhandhana Dhandhana Thai Maasam Adhu Dhandhadhu Onna Thaan..."

This song comes in the film "Thavasi" and features Vijayakant and the Late "Soundharya".

Male voice is by KJY and the female voice, I guess it to be Sadhna Sargam.

The song, the music and the melody in it are all simply superb.

Also, I feel the song, to be in the "Saayal" of some other great song, which I am not able to figure out.

Friends, what do you think about this song ?


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