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Ilayaraja music in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Ilayaraja music in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

Topic started by Kiran (@ on Mon Dec 6 00:14:15 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

...eyes have become big reading the subject.??.tongue rolled out ?? ..ha ha ha...

ok folks ...yesterday i was listening to this music MAD_MOD_MOOD_FUGUE of HOW TO NAME IT .....
In the middle there is a music bit which is dangerously similar to super duper hit theme music of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE....

HOW TO NAME IT was released in 1988 and became world famous among the music critics and composers.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE was released in 2000....

Do u think it could be coincidence to that extent or do you think DANNY ELFMAN got inspired by HOW TO NAME IT ??


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