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Should we save important threads of old DF? Should we save important threads of old DF?

Topic started by * (@ on Sat Oct 30 20:12:33 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

A query to old will the threads remain on URL? will it be forever or will they be removed after the migration? (As I am typing this, is down for few hours)

I had made the following compilation of VJ thread here
and planned to do the same for some of the great threads like 1) IR New albums 2) SOTD 3) Psychology of Transition 4) Songs that emotionally touched us 5) Raga of stats thread etc.

If the current DF contents get wiped out in a few days, then all the above mentioned threads need to be saved at the earliest on a war footing - IR new albums has 603 old responses, VJ 237, ROS has 294 ...saving all those 100s of subthreads will be a herculean task :(

Maybe if thats inevitable, we need to list out all the great threads and start saving them at the earliest.


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