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KR's Singara Chennai KR's Singara Chennai

Topic started by Mumbai Ramki (@ on Thu Feb 19 22:59:08 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

1.Kapool Dhesathu -Karthik ,Bhava
This is a new kind of Rock ..WOW song from KR ...a unique blend of Western POP and IR's belnd ..KR has to be commended for the unique way of composition ... ...KR has done a splendid job ....Interludes are chorus type ,something a brand of kR these days ...9/10

2.Aparum Enna -Baby (??) ,Vijay Yesudas
This songs is of 'Hey Mama " type ( from his Kaadhalai Gavurivukum Neeram ) ....Even the interludes have that stamp ....You can see this song as a "koiyakka "( Alaudin) type of song ..a bit of ARRish in the charanam ...This is a different song ...8/10..KR is onsessed with chorus as interludes ...

3.Vantgharai Vazhavaikum -IR ,Tippu
YSR type of song .....ok ..nothinggreat in this song ....sound slike "Vidinchakka Kalyanam ' from Kaadhal Samrajyam ...7.5/10

4.Sennakunni -Harish Raghvendra
HR singing a dappanguthu ....ok song ..8/10

5.Kannadi Malligae -baby ,Karthick
A intresting song with modern sound paced song ..8/10


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