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Really, only stunningly perfect melodies in TFM and outside TF

Really, only stunningly perfect melodies in TFM and outside TF

Topic started by Raja Fan (@ on Mon Aug 16 00:57:40 EDT 1999.
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This is not easy. For one reason, most of us have not heard many, many melodies from around the world. Second, most of us are also not clear about what a really stunning melody sounds like. I will give you those examples and then let us pick out for every 10 that we think is melodious only one might pass the test of being a thorough melody, that it is 200% melodious with any doubt.

A lot of us think IR is matchless even only because he is the king in conjuring clever tunes and stunning interludes, while we say that it was MSV and others who probably gave melody its full justice. IR did give some melodies for which there is no compare and I want to list them out here, in addition to also listing some non TFM songs that fall in that 200% melodious. Let us also try to group into 3 categories the indubitably melodious numbers. Group one is without doubt the 200%; Group 2 is the 100% melodious; and group 3 is 75%. I take off with the song: KALAI PANIYIL in the film GAYATHRI sung by SUJATHA, and the second number is SOLAI KUYILEY AADUM AZHAGEY in PONNU URUKKU PUDUSU sung by SPSailaja. This songs are the benchmark's for 200% melodious. ORU NAAL UNNODU ORU NAAL (SPB and SJ in Uravadum Nenjam) and YEN KANMANI (Chittukkuruvi) are the 100% melodies. You see the fine line, yet there is a difference in the categories! An example for 75% melodies are: Sindiya Venmani by KJY (somehow the Pallavi seems incomplete, while the song is melodious) Raathiriyul Puthirukkum in Thanga Magan may fall in group 3 or a group 4 50% melodious yet a good melody!


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