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ARR's Success - Modesty and Talent Combo

ARR's Success - Modesty and Talent Combo

Topic started by Dorairaj Pichaiyan (@ on Tue Jun 1 10:29:19 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I was viewing the ARRs concert in Dubai. What I noticed is ARR seems to be a very calm composed and modest guy with very little ego. He was performing the show with a mega troop with no signs of ego or anything like that. I have seen a similar concert of ARR in malaysia where ARR was also performing the show so nicely with out making much show about himeself.

This man has absolutely no ego and has tons of talent in him. Thats the primary reason for his success at such an young age. He has many more years of great musical performance with him.

This is one aspect which is lacking in IR who shows his superiority over anyone who works with him. Hence all the directors and producers have turned away from him.


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