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Unity in Diversity? Unity in Diversity?

Topic started by arun_uk (@ on Sat Jan 26 15:24:27 EST 2002.
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Hello all

To my agony I see that the 'Arguement'(IR or ARR) continues forever in different threads.

I am a HCIRF, but that does not prevent me from appreciating any other music that sounds good to my auditory cortex. To me IR is a composer par excellence & a genius! On the other hand I do believe that ARR is a genius in his own way. What both have achieved is phenomenal & cannot be disputed. If you get some real music experts from around the world to do an 'in-depth' analysis of their music, IR will be the definite winner by miles. But I have to sincerely admit that as far as 'today's' TFM is concerned ARR is the winner by miles. LET ME REMIND YOU AGAIN- We are talking about current TFM & not about who is a better music composer. Many HCIRF's seem to be blind to the fact that in commercial terms ie. at 'face value' ARR's music is much better than IR's film music today(excluding BGM). I believe IR is past his prime. AGAIN I am not saying his music has degraded or that his knowledge OF MUSIC has regressed. All I am trying to say is that in terms of commercial success the 'magic-touch' of the past is evading him. This is where ARR steps in with his own 'music-magic'. Having said this, I am well aware of ARR's way of composing ... and..about his alleged inspirational lifts from foreign music. But you have to remember that he is not a crap copycat like for eg...sorry I don't want to drag more people into this arguement...!

ARR comes from a family with a strong music background & has learnt music the hard way. He has a good knowledge of our own traditional carnatic music and appears to be using it to good effect. Further I don't see a problem in ARR having a predominantly western tilt to his music. So what? He's doing a good job in delivering enjoyable music to scores of people.

To me these arguements are senseless as music is all about individual perceptions. If I should quote an instance- one of my english colleagues here in England, after listening to many IR an ARR songs told me that both their music sounds strange to her. She said IR's music sounds ancient & ARR's music sounds like corrupted western and spanish music. To sum it up she said she couldn't understand how 'strange' our music tastes are. What in the world could I have done? Am I going to spend a lifetime trying to convince people that our men have more music knowledge that Britny Spears,Boyzone,Hearsay & West-life,to name a few.

HCIRF's - Please understand that IR is a Genius no doubt, but at he moment his commercial success is negligible. The comments you are seeing against him come from "music lovers from a different cadre" and not 'real music experts'. Consider yourself to be more gifted than them to be able to appreciate IR's music. The mud-slinging will stop if you folks restrain yourselves because most comments are from HCIRF-haters and not IR-haters. IR is beyond all these trivial stuff.

HCARRF'S- You don't achieve phenomenal success by chance. You need to have knowledge, be talented and work hard. ARR has all these qualities. So you folks don't have to feel threatened by unwarrented comments by a selective group of HCIRF's. There are many HCIRF's who can appreciate ARR's capacity as a Top Class Indian Film Music composer. There is no need to glorify him at the expense of IR who is no ordinary music composer. Those of you who are not used to his music or cannot enjoy them please keep your ignorance behind locked doors.

Today is Republic Day! We Indians are meant to boast of " Unity in Diversity"

With due respect & regards to all of you



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