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Has KR or YSR made more of an impact on the Tamil Film industry?

Has KR or YSR made more of an impact on the Tamil Film industry?

Topic started by Ramya (@ on Fri Mar 30 15:12:03 EST 2001.
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I believe, that even though KR has scored the music for more music than YSR, Ysr has produced more effective music. Almost all of YSR's albums have consistently been hits whereas Karthik has had many flops and disasters. I believe Yuvan will leave more of a lasting impression on the TFM field.Yuvans hit albums, to name a few are Poovellam Kaytuppar, Unakkaga ellam unakkaga, Rishi, Dheena and Thulluvatho Ilamai. All these albums have been produced within the last 3 years. Karthik has given us Kadhala kadhala, Ullasam, Vaanjinathan, Ullam kollai poghuthe and Dum dum dum which have all been mediocre. I feel there has been no cinsistency in Karthiks work and I feel that Yuvan shows more creativity and talent in his music. What are your views?


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