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Real reason behind PP delay Real reason behind PP delay

Topic started by Insider (@ on Thu Nov 1 05:49:18 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The story that is doing the rounds is that the release of the music of Paarthale Paravasam is delayed because three music companies are fighting over the rights of the soundtrack. That is far from the truth. The real thing is that there are no takers for the music of Paarthale Paravasam. After the resounding flop of Rhythm, Thenali and Star, HMV is bleeding and was thankfully able to make up due to the super success of Minnale and Majunu. No music company is willing to touch the rights of ARR"s music. No company is willing to buy the rights at the price that KB is quoting. That is why KB himself is heavily promoting the music on all the channels. Reports are that for his next film starring Shyam KB has signed Harris Jayaraj Sad state of affairs for ARR. How the mighty have fallen!!!!


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