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Ilayaraja' Symphony and Shyamalan' Village? Any opinions? Ilayaraja' Symphony and Shyamalan' Village? Any opinions?

Topic started by Gyan (@ on Thu Jul 29 23:42:11 EDT 2004.
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what is happenin to the forum. dull for 3 weeks or so? ok, here is a irrelevant topic, but it is a betting game kind of.

Been following Shyamalan' involvement in hyping and marketing of this latest film. some "Signs" that it could be Unbreakable unlike crop circles. Shyamalan is more a marketing guy than a film maker, and seems to enjoy the attention also. I can see he is disguising his real basis (only aliens from space can scare white people into believing in God, etc....) behind shoddy endings deliberately probably to burst the bubble around him before it got too bad. I guess, he is feeling cooked, even a light music type film Signs made money, so he doesn't have to think and make much effort as he has figured the audiences also are not thinkers. My feelings, Village will have a punished opening collect less than 99 million. OR, it could have a super opening and go 200 mill if the audience forgives his hype but likes his cool attitude. How long can Shyamalan simmer like this with supsense thriller romance drama etc.., unless he breaks out of this spiritual suspense and move on to musicals?????? I have a feeling MNS could survive by introducing song-n-dance-comedy-suspense thriller-family-drama from Chennai itself if The Village stinks. IR' Symphony may prepare the audiences world-wide for such possibilities. Again, do you think IR has a great Symphony for Thiruvasakam as in Symphony Symphony? or How To Name It on Symphonic Orchestra, which will take the rest of the world a few centuries to even figure out what the heck. Anyone has comments about these two geniuses, one trying to break his genre bubble for which he is caged almost like a freak, the other just plain centuries ahead before the world can catch up with him? Will MNS have "contrasting" ideas left and should he not take to musical movies to dish out new stuff? Because MNS has an acute sense of music, no doubt and I can bet his many deliberately slow movies could have done better with some musical moods. He is like Balu Mahendra without IR.


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