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Will picturisation of songs makes them more appreciable???

Will picturisation of songs makes them more appreciable???

Topic started by Srikanth (@ on Fri Aug 14 15:26:31 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I feel that the picturisation of the songs have an impact on the song's appreciability and impact. Let me take an example:
I started liking "Indian"'s songs more only after seeing the songs. They are picturised beautifully.

Vennilave song in Minsara Kanavu has been picturised very well and the impact of the song is augmented manyfold after you see the song. In this case, I liked the song the first time I listened to it (and before seeing it!). I am speaking of it's impact here.

On the other side, Kannodu song would have been great if it had been picturised well. Shankar shouldn't have made a comedy out of this song. Had it been taken in a sentimental backdrop, it would have made wonders.

What do you guys feel about this!!


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