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Vairamuthu & Ilayaraja Should they re-join?</b> Vairamuthu & Ilayaraja Should they re-join?

Topic started by Indrajith (@ on Mon Nov 10 03:25:37 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The biggest question that has been itching my mind was, "Should IR & VM should unite again?". In the pro's side I was thinking They make a good pair,like MSV & Kannadasan, They were giving excellent hits. It was something like VM gave life to the song with his words & IR gave the best sky for VM to fly high. Both contributed eachother very well.
In the con's side, VM was able to give good songs even with other MDs.He won national awards also. IR was also able to give some nice hits.

Should they re-unite to big-bang the industry again?

My inner feel says IR's songs were not propotionally successful with other lyricists than VM.
So is it a feel that Ilayaraja needs VM for a better sucess rate? Or VM still needs someone who can give him the best deal?

Comments please


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