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How DFers decide to purchase an album/CD..

How DFers decide to purchase an album/CD..

Topic started by raja (@ on Sat Feb 6 08:19:27 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Just wondering what motivates each one of us to buy a specific album? There are fans who will pick up anything new released, others who mull over the buying decision.

My method:

Earlier, when I could not `invest' in music, I followed the intellectually incorrect process of mentally making a list of favourites, reassessing this list over a period of time and then getting it recorded at the neighbourhood `re-recording' shop. I rarely used to pick up movies/albums off the shelf. This is probably why our TF MDs suffer.

Once the quality of pre-recorded OTS cassettes improved, I used the wait, hear and wait a little more policy before I made the market bullish.

When I was last in India, I still could not find some of the greats from early IR , MSV-TKR greats which I would have loved to add to my collection.
What is your method in this music madness?

I dont think this has been discussed earlier - if Yes - then `mannikka venduhiren..'


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