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<b>A.R.Rahman's Tamil Projects</b> A.R.Rahman's Tamil Projects

Topic started by dinesh (@ on Fri Jan 16 08:54:22 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

) Kangalal Kaithu Sei

Cast - Vaseekaran, Priyamani, Thenmoli, Sri Lankan film stars [Sanath Gunatillake, Kanchana Mendis, Rebecca]

Director - Bharathiraja

Producer - K.Muralidaran, V.Swaminathan, G.Venugopal (Lakshmi Movie Makers)

Cinematography - P. Kannan

Editor - K. Palanivel

Lyrics - Pa.Vijay, Kabilan, Thenmozhi

- "Aaha Thamizhamma" - Rehena, Mathangi, Blaaze - Lyrics:Kabilan
- "Ennuyir Thozhiyea" - Unnimenon, Chinmaye - Lyrics:P.Vijay
- "Theekuruvil" - Johnson, Mukesh, Harini - Lyrics:Thenmozhi
- "Azhagiya Cindrella" - Hariharan - Lyrics:P.Vijay
- "Anaarkali" - Karthik, Chitra Sivaraman - Lyrics:P.Vijay

- A love story with the familiar touch of Bharathiraja and aimed at family audiences.

- "Never before in Tamil Cinema or even in Indian cinema has the emotion of love been approached in this angle. I feel a different experience directing this movie". - Bharathiraja.

CURRENT STATUS - Trailors out on TV channels from Monday, Aug 11, 2003. Audio released all over. Movie releasing in Jan 2004.

2) New

Cast - S.J.Suryah, Simran, Kiran, Devayani, Kareena Kapoor (sp. app)

Director - S.J.Suryah

Producer - Annai Marymatha Creations

Co-producer - A.R.Senthilnathan

Lyrics - Vairamuthu, Vaali

Cinematographer - K.V.Guhan

Editor - Sreekar Prasad

Art Director - Anand Sai

- Simultaneously made in Tamil as 'Naani'.

- "Kaalaiyil Dinamum Kanvizhiththezhundu Kai Thozhum Deivam Amma...Matradhu Ellam Summa" by Unni krishnan and some lady. lyrics-Vaali; song about motherhood.

- There is a song is about a mother who sings for her lost son.The lyrics are penned by Vairamuthu.The song "Maganae En Uyir Maganae" sung by Sadhana Sargam came out very moving that ARR was in tears after hearing it. [Source : Deepak, from ARRYG]

- "Spider Man..Spider Man" by a lady voice ; a slow dream song with some extraordinary sets in Anna Salai.

- "If you want to Sing along....." by a lady voice; Simran's introduction song with some catchy words like "Rammante Ananadham...Rammalle Tharangam..." comes and each time that line is sung it has some diff and funky beats in the back ground. [courtesy: Karthik, Ramesh & Sathish from ARRYG]

- one song "Ettukkaal Poochi Pol"

-One song is an altered version of 'Thottaal Poo malarum' from MGR starrer Padakotti. [Kumudham]

- Movie reportedly inspired from Tom Hanks starrer 'Big'.

CURRENT STATUS - Shooting complete. The Audio Cassette of NEW will be released on 15th Jan (Source - Actor / Director Surya's Brother) & the Film is scheduled for April 13th - Tamil New Year. [Info courtesy : N Ramesh, ARRYG]

3) Ayudha Ezhuthu / Uyirezhuthu

Cast - Madhavan, Surya, Sidharth [of Boys fame], Esha Deol, Trisha, Meera Jasmine, Nadiya

Director - Mani Ratnam

Dialogues - Sujatha

Producer - Madras Talkies [G,Srinivasan, Mani Ratnam]

Art Direction - Sabu Cyril

Cinematographer - Ravi K.Chandran

- Typical with Mani Ratnam Style, no other details of the film has been given out to the media.

- "I play Abhishek Bachchanís role in the Tamil version of the same film. Itís an unapologetically grey role, and Iíve never played a grey character before. Itís going to be the most challenging role Iíve ever done. Iím actually shivering at the prospect because itís going to be very different from what I am as a person. That always frightens me." - Madhavan [The New Indian Express]

- This time around Mani Ratnam hasn't even held an official press briefing to announce the launch of the film. And has been completely avoiding the press, especially the Tamil media. [May be he has learnt from his previous experiences, the dirty games played by the Tamil media only to create sensation and publicity. The way the Tamil media treated Mani Ratnam's last film 'Kannathil Muthamittal' is an example.]

CURRENT STATUS - Shooting going on in various parts of Chennai. Meanwhile, shooting of the Hindi version, Yuva will restart in Kolkata during Jan '04..

4) Yelelo

Cast - Parthiban

Director - Parthiban

Producer - Parthiban [Bioscope Film Framers]

- 10 songs

- title song by Sudha Raghunandhan

- As per unconfirmed reports, 4 songs are over. Also that a song "Vaanam Vaanam" sung by Karthik has been recorded. "Its a stunning song with tap dancing percussion, with a unique blend of Tamil folk music".

- Former TN Chief minister and poet Dr.M.Karunanidhi is penning the lyrics for one song. The song is apparently based on the Pongal festival.

- Speaking at the launch function of the film, Rahman said that director Parthiban had narrated two stories to him. He felt that there was ample scope for folk music in the second story, which he had accepted and is titled "Yelelo". Rahman said that for this movie he has decided to blend the local folk music elements with Irish folk music songs. He hoped that this experiment will present these styles in a new light.

- Director Parthiban talking about his latest film "Yelelo" said that the movie had a rural theme and was going to be shot entirely in one village. Since around 6 to 7 songs were going to be picturized in the same set in the village, he had insisted on all the songs being ready before the shooting could begin. Parthiban is glad that Rahman has taken special interest in this film and has high expectations from the film.

CURRENT STATUS - Still in pre-production stages. No idea when this film will go on the floors.

5) Swamy

Cast - Navya Nair

Director - Renjith

Producer - Swargachitra

Lyrics - Vairamuthu

- Remake of Malayalam hit film 'Nandanam', whose Tamil and Telugu rights were sold out even before the release of the Malayalam original.

- Its a musical love story with a spiritual under current.

CURRENT STATUS - After the initial announcement, nothing has been heard about this project so far. And director Renjith has already started a couple of Malayalam projects, which puts this project in doubt, atleast for the near future.

6) 9:30 - 10:00

Cast - Surya

Director - Vasanth

- "Its an experimental love story with Rahman's music. The caption for the film is 'love unlimited'." - Vasanth

CURRENT STATUS - Nothing has been heard about this film after the initial announcement.


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