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Hariharan's Concert in Singapore

Hariharan's Concert in Singapore

Topic started by Anand (@ on Sun Dec 13 21:42:36 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hariharan performed LIVE on stage last saturday evening, here in Singapore for all his die hard fans.True to the title of the show, "The Magic of Hariharan" ,he encaptivated his eager audience and kept them spell bound for the full 3.5 hours.Along with him was Chitra, and a new face named Radhika Tilak.

Hariharan started with the song "Anbe Anbe" from Jeans, followed by Chitra's perfect rendition of "Paadariyen padippariyen" from sindu Bhairavi.

Hariharan went on to sing "Chandiranai Thottadhu yaar","Romeo Aatam Pottal", "Nee Kaatru","Vandhadhu Penna, vaanavil thaana","Anbe Anbe"(from uyirodu uyiraaga),"Kaadhal solla varhtai venduma",and a lot of other songs too.

But, definitely, the best was Hai Raama from Rangeela, which he sang with Radhika Tilak(by the way, she did a good job too).He started with an alaapana in the raga Panthuvarali, and proceeded to sing the song.

All the songs that he sang on that day, were so much different-he improvised at a lot of places , and brought in new gamakas, where you and I would not even think about it!....On the whole he was simply GREAT.

Chitra too was really great, and as usual left me wondering how she could traverse the 3 octaves without even a wince on her ever smiling face!

The grand finale was "Uyire" from the film Bombay.The show ended at 11:45 in the night, and we were feeling bad that it was over "so soon".


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