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S Janaki - a tribute on her birthday

S Janaki - a tribute on her birthday

Topic started by Rags (@ on Thu Apr 22 23:25:42 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Today is SJ's birthday.
While wishing her a very happy birthday and pray for good health and cheer for years to come, I would like TFM to discuss some of her achievements. I saw some SJ topics discussed lately - but under this thread I think it would greater significance and will be a fitting tribute to a great singer on her birthday.

Let me begin with one perspective - SJ's contribution to IR's early success.

During the late 70s when IR came in, the TFM scene for female voice was undoubtedly dominated by PS and MD by MSV. And then came Annakili, Bhadrakali, Chittukuruvi... and the TFM world has never looked back since then. IR's early success was his strong BGM score for the songs and the lively presentation by the singers - SJ to be more precise. While IR used SJ very effectively, it would not be incorrect to say that SJ contributed a lot to make them immemorable. While leaving the topic to the forum's more worthy contributors, let me part with a sixer - do you remember the title song of "Katrinile Varum geetham" - kanden yengum ? you'll understand what I mean...


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