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Topic started by vel (@ on Wed Dec 26 01:56:19 EST 2001.
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IR & Rajini have been doing umpteen social intiatives in Thiruvanaamalai. Rajini in fact layed roads around the holy hill. When Jayalalitha took over as CM, she chucked out IR from the 'THIRUVANNAMALAI THIRUPANI COMMITTEE'. But IR finished the RAJAGOPURAM work with his money and all was well when PAINTING issue came up. IR had said that 'multi colours' should not be used as this will divert the attention of devotees, and thus 'single' colour has to be used. The 'HINDU ARANILAI' thurai (Govt entity) now has remarked that PANCHAVARNAM (Five colours) have to be used, and IR's opinion should not be considered since he is not the committee member anymore. (Well, that was atrocious. Why was this ARANILAY THURAI silent when IR/Rajini spend their money?)...If u r a spiritual enthusiast, u can register your views here. IR is really pained and has written a open letter to the THIRUPANI commitee.


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